This potli bag I made for my mobile about 3 years back and it is still surviving. I like to have unique things; I think it is this craving for one-of-a-kind items that drives me to make things. I don’t like to carry around things that 20 others would be having.. Where is the fun in that? I need to have stuff that makes people go “Oh! Wow! Lady.. Where did you get that?” (ok.. my girlfriends and I call each other ‘Lady’ ) and have others cast sly glances at my collection of stuff and make a mental note to look out for that kinda product.

So here’s my potli bag. I made it for my mobile. You can make it for a tablet or anything else.

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My Mobile's Denim Potli Bag

Material Required:

  1. Cloth piece- Use any cotton cloth you want, I used denim as I had 2 large pieces of it from converting my jeans into capris 😀 The measurement of the cloth piece will depend upon the size of your phone/ tablet, etc. The length of the cloth should be double the length of your phone. Width should be minimum 1 inch bigger than the width of the phone. For Ex: If the length of your phone is 4.5″ then the total length of your cloth should be 10″ and if the width is 2″ the width of the cloth should be 3″.
  2. Sewing machine, or it can be hand sewn also. As you can see I have hand sewn it as I don’t have a sewing machine.
  3. Cotton threads – in matching or contrast colours.
  4. Fabric glue.
  5. Stiff – It is called stiff. A paper type material available in all sewing accessory shops. You can explain- the stiff that is put in shirt collars/cuffs or at the bottom of salwars. This item is optional. I don’t think anyone will sell less than 1mts, save excess for later DIYs.
  6. Strings – I have used  twisted embroidery threads. You can use any string. I had previously put jute strings.
  7. Creativity 🙂


[Note: When I say sides- front and back, left and right, take all 4 into consideration]

  1. Iron out the cloth.
  2. Fold the cloth in half  as shown in image 1 and 2.
  3. Mark 3/4th inch or 1.5cms from top open end on both front and back side. Refer image 3.
  4. IF you want your potli bag to be stiff, almost like an envelope, then: Leaving the top area marked in point 4, cut out the stiff fabric to the  measurement of the rest of the  cloth (front and back).
  5. Leaving the top marked area, Attach the stiff to the cloth with fabric glue. Then Hem and Stitch together the rest of the sides(front+back, left and right). Refer image 3 and 4. I used fabric glue to stick them together first and then hemmed and sewed. That is because I sewed the whole thing by hand, so wasn’t sure if it would be strong enough. If you are sewing with a machine, you do not need to use the glue.
  6. Now hem the sides of the top 1.5cms separately. As in, do not seal the sides (front+back, left and right).
  7. Fold outward in half the top 1.5 cms and stitch it. Please refer images 5 and 6.
  8. You should have 2 tube like section on top, 1 on both front and back side of the cloth. Each of this tube should have both ends open. The edges have to hemmed but should be left open to put the draw strings through it.
  9. Put the strings through the holes. Each of the strings should come a full circle, one string ends on the right and the other on the left. Tie both the ends of each string in a knot.  Now if you pull both the strings in opposite directions, it should tighten and close the opening of the bag.
  10. Turn the bag inside out. Decorate the with sequins, fabric paint, embroidery etc.
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Mobile Potli Bag