Snazzy earrings for less than 100 bucks!!

Its always wedding season in India and we always run out of wardrobe. Clothes and accessories are so expensive. Atleast with this DIY, from now on you will have jazzy matching earrings with every dress and that too within Rs.100!!

Materials Required:

  1. Snazzy Latkans – This is available in any lace and sewing material shop especially in delhi. In Kinari Bazaar, Chandini Chowk the latkans start from Rs.50/- a pair. This is how it looks – It costed Rs.80 pair.

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    Latkan for Salwar Kameez

  2. Transparent Strings/ Wire – available in every sewing shop
  3. golden jump rings – Silver if your latkan is silver.
  4. golden earring hooks – again silver hooks if your latkan is silver based.
  5. scissors
  6. candle
  7. Creativity 🙂
  1. Take the latkan and cut away the string and remove all the beads and trinkets of the latkan and keep them safe in a bowl.
  2. Cut the transparent string double the length of the latkan and fold in half.
  3. Put a jump ring at the folded end of the string and tie a knot.
  4. Now string all the beads and trinkets of the latkan in the same order as it came in the latkan.
  5. Tie the end with 2-3 knots. Cut the string and use the candle to lightly burn & melt the string ends and use your fingers to stick them together. Be very careful not to burn yourself or the earring.

    tie the transparent string in a knot at the end of the earring.

  6. Affix the hook to the jump ring.
Viola! Your snazzy earring is ready and that too within a Rs.100!!
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Snazzy Latkan earrings fit for the Big Fat Indian Weddings 🙂