DIY Pen Stand

Its nice to make a pen stand as you can keep it on your desk and use it everyday. Something to keep reminding you of your hidden creativity.

Materials Required:

  1. Cardboard cylinder inside of cellotape.
  2. Fevibond or any other rubber based adhesive.
  3. Plastic circular base. This is found in any electrical shop. Ask for plastic bulb holder base. You can also use a self made base of wood, cardboard, hardboard or any other material.
  4. Paints/Sketch Pens/Crayons/collageĀ material..
  5. creativity šŸ™‚


  1. Essential point of doing any craft item is to clean all the items. Dust is not good for health and art. Wash hands and dust all the materials. No glue will stick on dust.
  2. Take the cardboard cylinder. Note:Ā The width of the cardboard cylinder will depend upon the width of the cellotape. You can either use several short ones or a big one, its your call. Thats the beauty of Doing It Yourself. The general height of a pen stand is 4-5inches. So you can stick the cardboard cylinders till this height isĀ achieved using fevibond.
  3. Wait till the cardboard is dry and strong.
  4. Apply fevibond along the base of the cardboard cylinder and along the edge of the plastic base and stick them together and let it dry.
  5. Viola! Your pen stand is ready.
  6. Now it needs to be decorated.

Decoration ideas:

  1. Paint the whole thing in 1 solid color.
  2. Draw cartoons, motifs and patterns.
  3. Stick colorful bits of paper to form a collage. If you are sticking paper then it will need a coat of varnish after the collage dries. You can also use clear nail paint if you don’t want to buy varnish.


I got my friends to autograph mine…Ā DIY Pen Stand