Make your own decorative vase

My very Indian decorative vase

Material Required:

  1.  Clay Vase – available at any road corner pottery man.
  2. white primer paint
  3. Black enamel paint
  4. 1inch flat painting brush
  5. Gold dust
  6. Silver dust
  7. Copper Dust
  8. Jute cord
  9. Gold sequin
  10. Fevibond
  11. few ml of keroscene/terpentine – for cleaning the paint brush
  12. Creativity 🙂
  1. Soak the clay vase in water over night. It should be fully submerged in water. Because if it is bad clay or half baked it better it dissolve and die at the very outset. Also once this is done, it will soak lesser paint.
  2. Remove the clay and keep over newspaper for 10-15mins. Then apply a coat of white primer paint using the 1 inch painting brush.
  3. Leave it to dry. Apply second coat of primer paint and leave it to dry.
  4. After it has dried completely, apply black enamel paint. Leave to dry.
  5. If required you can apply a second coat of black paint.
  6. When the enamel paint is partially dried, take the metallic dust on your fingers and  blow at the vase creating patterns with different colour dust.
  7. Leave it to dry in the sun or under a fan. In nay case it is better to leave it untouched for at least a day.
  8. Make interconnected knots or loops with the jute cord. You can make a simple braid with 3 strands for the thin one and 6 strands (using 2 in each section) for the centre and top. I have made the loops with crochet for the top of the vase and braided (3 strands) for the of it.
  9. Stick these braids/loops as shown in the image using fevibond. (please see notes on how to use fevibond)
  10. Stick sequins on the jute cord.
  11. Leave it to dry over night.

Viola! Your self made decorative vase is ready. Congratulations 🙂