Taj Mahal In Your House

There is no better to customise your walls than by Doing It Yourself. I just love painting on walls. Each section of my room is painted in a different way. The general wall paints and wallpapers are so boring. If you opt for getting any artistic wall done by the paint guys it not personalised, the wall still comes from an assembly line! The designs are fixed you have to choose a design from a book and the painting fella will just replicate every inch of it. Not to mention the crazy ass pricing of such walls. By Doing It Yourself you can customise each room, each wall and even a section of the wall and convert the whole room into a masterpiece.

Here is something I did to cover up a column in my room. This column is about a foot wide and 7ft tall and is stuck between my wardrobe and window.

Floral painting on walls

My little piece of Taj Mahal

It is my own piece of Taj Mahal :-). The best thing about this design is, it feels intricate to the viewer, but it isn’t. Well it is intricate drawing and painting but the diffculty level is not that of an intricate painting. If you have seen the above picture then you have seen the rest of my column. It is sheer simplicity.

Things you need:

  1. Pencil
  2. Eraser (if required)
  3. Paints – I used poster paints coz i had them at home. I always recommend using things lying around than buying new ones. You can use any kind of paints. Enamel paint is recommended because you can wipe and clean the painting with wet cloth. Poster paints are water soluable.
  4. Different shades of green crayons – Plastic or wax
  5. Mirror pieces
  6. Round paint brush size 0, 1 and 2
  7. Creativity 🙂


  1. Use the pencil to create waves, intertwined intricate short waves ending with arcs. These waves should be random and not in a pattern. If you draw them in patterns then it will look like a tiled image! [Note] Use the pencil very very lightly. Lightness of hand while doing any art work is most crucial. Also because it is difficult to erase on a distempered wall. The eraser leaves a mark. The drawing is a skeleton. It should not be used as a stencil drawing to paint on.
  2. Again randomly draw leaves anywhere and everywhere you feel like.
  3. Draw flowers. You can google ‘sketch flower’ and you will get innumerable sketches of flowers. Take your pick. If you can fill in the colours perfectly then you can go for an inticate design on the contrary you can stay with a simple sketch.
  4. Start Painting. Use the zero size brush and basic green paint (i prefer a mixture of light green and a dab of dark green). Trace out the waves and arcs.
  5. Use size 1 brush and paint the leaves.
  6. Paint the flowers with your favourite colours  using zero and 2 size brush.
  7. Leave it to dry. The drying time will depend upon the type of paint used. Poster paints dry faster than enamel paints.
  8. Use different shades of green crayon and shade around the waves and leaves. It gives a feeling of depth.
  9. Use fevibond and stick mirror pieces randomly. I preferred to stick them in the middle of the flowers.

Viola! Your very own piece of Taj Mahal is ready!