Essential Notes

  1. Always work on clean surface.
  2. Clean and dust all the items that are involved in craft. Remember glue does not stick and colour does not look itself on dust.
  3. Painting brushes must be cleaned after every use. Even if its just water colours and will wash away after a year, the brush should be washed after painting.
  4. While buying any material ask for care instructions- Is the cloth colorfast? Will the ball deflate if you need to make a hole in it? What adhesive will stick this material.. etc. This is needed because, it cannot be taken for granted that you will get the same material that I am using, you might need to buy an alternative.
  5. Most Importantly! It is all about creativity. Don’t go about the instructions like a kindergarten kid. Improvise and and use your creativity. There is no hard and fast rule that only the materials which are mentioned here should be used. If you have an alternative idea then use it but don’t forget to share it with me.


Clean both surfaces.
Apply evenly on both surfaces.
Keep aside for 5-10 mins to dry.
Stick them together and press.
Leave the item for atleast 1/2 hour to dry completely before using.


[assuming that you are a beginner or a lazy cook like me :-)]

  1.  If you need to increase or decrease serving quantity start with the basic ingredient. For Ex: flour or vegetables
  2. It is perfectly fine if you don’t have the professional measuring tools, neither do I have. The key is to stick with 1 measuring tool. So, depending upon the quantity you want to make, you take a cup or a spoon then you use the cup/spoon to measure the rest of the ingredients as well.
  3. For Ex: if the ingredients required are 2 cups flour, 2 cups butter, 5 spoons sugar, 1 spoon vanilla, 1/2 spoon baking soda…. Make sure that you measure all the cup ingredients with the same cup and all the spoon ingredients with same spoon.
  4. If you heap a spoon while measuring 1 ingredient, heap and measure all other ingredients.
  5. You can always replace un-salted butter in place of egg whites, condensed milk in place of egg yolk, paneer in place of tofu etc.

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